Home Security - Bought 2-3 systems; bought add-on components later and was provided NO SUPPORT!!

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I have purchased 2-3 alarm systems under different accounts from Home Security Store (homesecuritystore.com) of Riverside CA. I installed each system. Never had any issues. I have a background in electronics, high tech capital equipment field repairs, military avionics, etcetera. Also have much experience in computer and proprietary software, as found in these home alarm systems. Installing these rather low tech systems is relatively easy.

I have a GE Simon XT system. I wanted to add a couple outdoor motion sensors. Home Security Store sells the OPTEX VX-402R outdoor motion sensors. While their site does list compatible transmitters for the sensor, they don't come right out and tell you that you need to purchase a TRANSMITTER to go with the sensor. No issue. I had spare door sensors.

I followed their installation instructional video, which tells you how to connect the transmitter to the motion sensor. Trust me, it is HOKEY. While Home Security Store are not responsible for the design, they are responsible for selling *** like this to customers like me. They could choose to go with a quality sensor that perhaps already has a transmitter in it, not requiring their customers to maintain batteries in TWO devices, perform wiring, troublehooting the inevitable constant "Sensor open" and "Tamper" errors.

I installed the wiring for the motion sensor to connect to the transmitter. I wired the 9 volt battery too. I installed the transmitter case into the main housing of the motion sensor (bizarre). I ended up with constant "Tamper" errors and "sensor open" errors. Because I am not a ***, I understand that the "tamper" error relates to the seating of the transmitter cover, inside the sealed motion sensor. I understand that the "sensor open" refers to the state of the motion sensor, being transmitted back to the alarm panel. Try as I might, for four hours spent on the issues, I couldn't ever get both errors cleared on the two external motion sensors.

So, for the first time in two-three alarm installations with items purchased from the Home Security Store, I call the Home Security Store for help; help with the installation of the sensors that I PURCHASED FROM THEM A FEW DAYS AGO... in an order of 3 items, totaling $333.18 .

I spoke to a tech in their (we don't provide) tech support department. fter giving him my account information and letting him know the model of the external sensors I purchased from Home Security Store, I told the guy that I am installing the aforementioned sensors on a GE Simon XT alarm panel that I already owned. I told him the issues I was having. He wanted to know if I was using the "MCT" transmitter model... which is not used on GE Simon XT systems; clearly, the tech support needs tech support. I informed him that I was using the VISONIC MODEL recommended by Home Security Store. Next, the guy tells me that he wants to "stick with the facts" (whatever that means); he said that the "tamper" error was due to the transmitter cover (DUH). Next, he told me that I didn't purchase my alarm panel through them, indicating I am not entitled to their help. I guess these are the facts the tech support rocket scientist wanted to stick to.

I told him that I purchased the MOTION SENSORS through the Home Security Store and that I needed help with installing them, not with installing the alarm panel which was already installed. At this point, I told him that I would take the trash items out in my yard and beat them with a sledgehammer, sending the remains to them. I also expressed that, after purchasing 3 alarm systems and various other orders for accessories (I have $600 worth of them on my account alone), I would never spend another dime at the Home Security Store.

I called their Sales Department, to express my outrage. I had to go through the entire saga again. I was transferred to another person... who wanted the saga repeated yet again. Her response? Did she offer to make good? Get help? Anything? No. She said "go ahead".

Trust me. These clowns do not deserve their BBB "A" rating. I imagine they have it because they sought BBB Accreditation. I will be filing a BBB complaint in the near future. My loss... but it will be MY LAST LOSS from Home Security Store.


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Home Security - Poor technical support

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I just got off the phone with your tech support.

They state that I have a wiring problem.

The issue is one of the bv-500gb sensors I purchased does not activate in test mode.

They insisted that I have a wiring fault.

Even though currently the sensor is disconnected from the control panel(vista20p)Which shows a fault.

Because it has a problem that it will not function as a glass break I disconnected it. To test it.

They never listened to that statement.

They think that is the problem.

All they wanted was to check the status of the input on the vista20p. Walking me through checking settings that I already knew that it was not connected.

The test mode should still work with power applied. Regardless even if the zone is disconnected. In test mode the led should lite up to show a glass break.

But it will not work in test mode at all.

I received a rma number which I will use.

But I feel that the support received leaves much to be desired.

All they wanted was to get me off the phone.

If somehow I can get this resolved.

It will be my last transaction with your company.

Ruben Rocha


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Well i have to admit after I complained they did make good on everything.

Including replacing the device and a followup call to ensure me that the support i received was not part of their business plan.

So I am pleased to be a customer again.

Home Security Co of America is a Fraud

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Home security company of America sells home warranties but when time comes to process a claim they are not willing to fulfill their obligations to the purchaser of the policy.I would not recommend this company to anyone except maybe a worst enemy!!

My furnace needed a complete replacement of heater exchange and control module which was covered under the home warranty and when attempting to file the claim they declined due to not being able to have their approved source do the work.

When it turned out the repair source was actually their approved source they just continually came up with excuse after excuse.I filed a formal complaint with the Wisconsin BBB which is where they are located and still no action so save your money, don't by their warranty, you may need it to cover the expense that they won't cover.

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